In order to suggest a course, country , institution , we need to do a comprehensive profiling exercise, where SEC experts shall analyze your educational history, financial capacity , career aspirations, work experience and standardized test scores ( IELTS, PTE , GRE , GMAT, TOEFL ) carefully. ….Read More

Application and Documentation

Your application is the opportunity to make a good first impression on the institute of your choice. This impression will carry a long way in your quest to study abroad. Hence, the application must be carefully drafted and presented with all the necessary documents. ….Read More

Financial Guidance

Most students are hesitant about an education abroad because of the expenses accompanied with it. We believe in helping these students to overcome this hurdle because after all, this is an investment in your future. ….Read More

Course / Country / Institution Selection

Overseas education does not come cheap, which means you must make an informed choice based on your goals and interest. Based on your profiling, we shall shortlist and advise you the course you are eligible for, country you can study in and institutions where admission can be applied for. ….Read More

Value Added Services

We provide a host of value added services such as Airport pick up, Accommodation assistance, travel insurance , Foreign Exchange. With our numerous and professional tie ups , we ensure a hassle free experience. ….Read More

Pre Departure Briefing

You are finally ready to go! Before you leave, our experts will give you a Pre-Departure briefing about anything you will need to know before arriving in your destination. We also have experts who will provide relocation guidance and counseling. ….Read More

Interview Preparation

At SEC, our consultants are aware of the type of questions different institutions ask prospective students at the interviews. To help prepare for any interviews that may be required by the chosen institutions, we provide you with a number of interview preparatory sessions. ….Read More